06 January 2018

First Time Visit to Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur

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Throughout my entire life, I'd never been to Zoo Negara in KL. That's simply because I'm not a die- hard fan of animals. I stepped foot on Zoo Negara because my family insisted we went there as part of our holiday plan. Luckily the fee was fair and the weather was fine on that day. It turned out to be an exciting tour. 

I think the zoo was well maintained and it received quite a large number of visitors. The only thing I dislike was being bugged by the photographers, stationed at 3 corners of the zoo (2 at the entrance and 1 at the Panda sanctuary) They tried their best to convince you to take photos with them and later pay for the printing. 

Of all the animals there, I enjoyed watching the tigers and pandas. That's because, they were hard to find and unique in their own ways. The tigers were huge and I had a short wild imagination of having a tiger as a pet. But then, when I thought I could be their meal, the imagination died immediately. 

The Pandas on the other hand were the cutest animals I'd ever seen. Wish I could hug them. They seemed lazy in the zoo but they loved to show off their beauty. The present of human didn't bother them at all. Furthermore, the air-conditioned room made them feel at home (China). 

Since Zoo Negara is big, I didn't manage to venture at all animal sanctuaries as walking around it would take too much time and energy, so I missed watching some animals. Another factor was the paid taxi we hop in stopped at limited places. Nevertheless, it was a good visit. 

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23 December 2017

Aquaria, KLCC

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It's always not easy to decide whether to take on a holiday or stay put at home during the school break because it involves letting go certain amount of money from my bank account. You probably would agree if I say that most of us have the equation of saving < spending. Nevertheless, its not harmful to pamper myself with a short holiday to places that are affordable.

As I talked to my friends about holiday destinations in Malaysia, I can proudly say that we do have a large number of interesting  places to visit. In fact, we may not be able to visit all even if we tried. 

Now, I'm sure some of you may have heard or went to Aquaria KLCC right? When I was a student studying in Bangi from 1993 -1999, Aquaria was not there. It was only after 2004 Aquaria was made known to public . I was excited when they said it's the most beautiful Aquaria in Malaysia featuring more than 250 species of fish from around the world. 

Forgotten how KLCC looked like, I lost my way looking for Aquaria and had to ask the security guard for direction. It was quite a long walk from KLCC to Aquaria and if you are bringing along an elderly with you, he or she might probably give up walking. When I arrived at the cashier counter, I had to que but only for a short while. I had to show my Identity card to verify my age and nationality. 

I was allowed to take photos with my own camera but without the flash light because the staff said flashes scared the fish. So, all my photos were a bit dark. It was really an amazing experience watching thousands of fish swimming in front of my eyes. They were very colourful and differed in sizes.  
If given a second chance to visit Aquria, I would not think twice but grabbed the opportunity. 

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16 December 2017

The Test Of Bravery

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I'm not sure about others, but I think everyone fears something right? Some people joke about it when I told them I'm scared of flying but it only came after 2004, due to near crash landing in Singapore. The experience took out the bravery out of me and replaced it with a phobia. Since then, I swore I would never board a plane anymore.  

Despite the oath I made to myself, I boarded a plane to Kota Kinabalu in December 2009 (5 years later) for a family vacation. The flying wasn't a good experience because I was terrified. Throughout the flight, I hold my wife's hands tightly and sweat a bit. I thought my phobia was long gone, but it's still there. 

In December 2014 (5 years later) I once again had to fly to Sibu, an unexpected journey due to work instruction. I was very upset to receive the news and just as I expected, despite arriving home safely by plane, I still couldn't get rid of the fear. Given a choice, I would have been there by bus. 

The recent flying experience I had was on the 4th and 9th December 2017 for a family vacation. The trip was not planned. But my son insisted we go to Kuala Lumpur because he wanted to see it. So, I thought I'm going to be fine. I tried to be brave and I took travel sickness pill, thinking that it will help me to sleep while flying. I was wrong again, my heartbeat was beating fast and I became very anxious  and restless. My legs were almost cramped. I was awake throughout the 1 hour and 40 minutes journey on air. It became a terrifying experience for me. 

To tell you the truth, I have no idea when this will end. But I'm not going to write about it anymore because digging that experience from my mind is already hard and emotional disturbing. To those who do not have this kind of fear, consider yourself as lucky. 

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19 September 2010

Which Batteries Are Recommended?

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It is true of what people say "learning is an on-going process". When I bought an Olympus digicam two years back, I was happy that I was given a pack of rechargeable battery and a charger called "KEEP" for free. However, after a month, the KEEP batteries started to deteriorate causing me to doubt its quality. I asked my friends about it and most of them told me that Keep is indeed a poor brand.

Before becoming a photo enthusiast, I always assumed that a good battery should be an Energizers battery. And oh well, again, most of my friends warned me that Energizers do not last long and sometimes, if we are unlucky, we might buy the fake Energizers. I guess Energizers batteries are popular because if its aggressive TV marketing and not really because of its quality.

Many photographers recommended me to purchase SANYO batteries for my flash. They said SANYO are the experts in batteries. So, I started to purchase SANYO batteries since that day. The old version looks like this:
And the new version looks like these:
Trust me, These batteries perform so...............good! They last longer and can be recharged up to 1000 times. The eneloop batteries can be found in many photo shops and now even some computer shops started to sell it too.

And finally, if you want SANYO batteries to be recharged fast, please purchase the eneloop charger.

16 September 2010


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Oops! Sorry! Just temporarily inactive. Since the author of reptozian online is a teacher. He is on long holiday (2 weeks) . Will visit your blogs soon. No worries. I'm still alive.

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